Condensed History of Kathan Inn

Kathan Inn included five cabins and a lodge when Henry Kuhnert built it in 1921.  Some time later the resort was sold to D.R. Metzger.  Food was then still served in the lodge, but “housekeeping” cottages were added.  From 1937-1945 Kathan Inn was owned and run by Albert H. Goodrich of Chicago.  During the summers of 1937 and 1938, Goodrich ran Camp Wyandott, a fully accredited summer school, on the property.  Subsequent owners included Karl Rabeneck and his brother-in-law, Mr. Weiss (1945-1956), Robert and Agnes Main (1956-1992) and a succession of other owners before being purchased in 2005 by present owners Jim & Barb Domnick.  Today Kathan Inn & Resort includes a bar & grill, three year-around cabins, and two seasonal cabins.

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